«Global Feed Forum»
October 8, 2013
International Press Centre RIA Novosti, Moscow, m.Park Culture, Zubovsky Blvd., 4

The Forum program



08:30-10:00 – Members registration. . Welcome coffee.



10:00-11:30 – Session 1:   «Analysis of the global feed market. Global View»

Moderator: Yuri Belousov, Director of Development IDK.ru

 The United Nations has published a forecast of the global population by 2050, according to it the Earth’s population will increase by 2.5 billion people and will become 9.1 billion people. The population of the 49 poorest countries in the world will double to 1.7 billion people.

India will overtake China and take the first place with a population of 1.6 billion people. To feed so many people, it is necessary to significantly increase the grain production. Anyway, according to scientists, it is almost impossible.

Now just to achieve food self-sufficiency to the population of the planet there have to spend, directly or indirectly, more than half of the energy produced in the world. In any case, nowadays to double food production is no longer possible.



The Russian Federation government, , The RF Agricultural Dapartment, Ministry of Economic Development, World Trade Organization (WTO, ), Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) *


11:30-12:00 – Coffeebreak


12:00-13:30 – Session: «Balance of production and consumption of feed, forecasts and prospects»

Moderator: Ch. Editor in economic information agency “PRIME” 

 Russia is among the “top 10” of the leading countries in terms of feed and is a leader on the annual increase. In long term perspective the development feed market will be primarily due to the acceptance and success of programs in the field of poultry, pig and cattle breeding. If these programs are effective, and the market size will increase in 5 times by 2020.Over the last decade, imports of broiler has shifted to Asia and the Middle East, and this trend has continued. The largest importers will be Hong Kong, China and Vietnam. World imports in a decade to increase by 39.1% – to 11.1 million tons. Land potential of developed countries has been exhausted. Only two regions in the world have the potential to increase agricultural land: Africa and the CIS.

Price fluctuations associated with the harvest and weather conditions will become even more significant factor in price volatility in the future.



Russian agricultural union, Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation (Rosstat), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), The RF Agricultural Dapartment, Eurasian Economic Commission, Agro Food Products (Indian) *


13:30-14:30 – Business lunch (buffet style)


14:30-16:00 – Session 3: “The contradictions as an innovative pulse to the development of competitive ability”

Moderator: Alex Kiyan, a linkman of TV channel “Agro-TV”

 The peculiarity of the Russian market in the technological sense – excessive share of grain material in feed. If in Europe grain raw material is not more than 45% of total production, in Russia is 70-75% (share meal and cake, on the contrary – in 3-4 times lower than in countries with a developed agricultural sector) . This causes the higher dependence of the market in  grain industry.

In the structure of the market feeds Russia 83.18% owned by the feed, 5.43% – vegetable feed, 2.03% – ready fodder for domestic animals, 0.85% – protein and vitamin supplements, 0.58% – premixes and 7 94% – to other feeds. Projected investment in fixed capital in the agricultural sector for 2013-2020 will be 7.0 trillion. rub., state support – 6.3 trillion. rub.

An important feature is the presence in the market the large and                                    

                                     growing “shadow” sector or informal, unregistered enterprises.



Russian agro-industrial unions,, European Grooming Association, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), The RF Agricultural Dapartment, State Organization “Center for assessing the quality of grain and products of its processing», AACC International, Commonwealth of Australia *


16:00-16:30 Coffeebreak 



16:30-18:00  – Session 4: “Technical and technological modernization of agriculture”

Moderator: Natalia Simontenko, advisor for promoting brands in the media – holding “New Television of Kuban”

Livestock (based on low-cost innovative biodiversity feed production) is the main element, which can be the engine for development of domestic agriculture and lead to significant positive changes in the solution of food security. Genetically modified crops, such as herbicide or insect resistance, are increasingly being used as fodder for cattle. It is therefore important to assess the safety of milk, meat and eggs of animals that received food from genetically modified (GMO).

The expected production of all types of meat in 2020 will reach 9.7 million tons of deadweight in, including birds -4.2 million tons, pork – 3.4 million tons,  beef – 1.8 million tons. Provided the pace of development will reach the level of meat consumption per capita of more than 75 kg per year, and compete in the global market through the development of breakthrough high-tech industries and projects.



The Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Food Control, , BASF Corporation, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), All-Russian Scientific Research Institute named under V. P. Williams RAAS *


18:00 – Official Furshet and award certificates


* Possible changes to the program due to circumstances beyond the Organizing Committee of the Forum of reasons


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    Владимир Решетняк

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